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If you manage a business of any size, you may want to have a My Coaching account for your company or organization.

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Do you have to have experience to use My Coaching?
Anyone can use My Coaching.

How much time does the coaching process take?  About an hour a week,15 to 30 minutes with a coach and 30 to 45 minutes with a group.   The rest of the time is enjoying the growth!

Will the coaching process invade my privacy?  No, normally the process is about helping the client arrive at the issues, solutions and objectives that mold methods of thought and behavior determined by the client.  Often we identify and adapt processes already being applied in one area of a person's life to another area.

Is there a Personal touch to the technology?
There are individual and group goal setting and Coaching sessions available daily.  With texting options, response is available 24/7.  Many of the tools used (Self Talk, phone auto alerts, text campaigns, "Huddles," Skype, ebooks, weekly theme focus stimulators, etc) are action tools used by participants/coaches to keep focused and on track.

Must this be done by myself only or will I able to involve my friends, colleagues or family?  Certainly others can be involved.  Many times it's infectious with family, business partners and in organizations.  Who doesn't want to win. 

If I like it, can I learn to do what you do?  Sure, there is no shortage of people to coach and it's natural to want to share with others.

Do we work in all parts of my life or just one area?  Generally we work in a certain field, then expand to employ success techniques in another arena.  Normally by then you've got it and you can apply the process across the board.

Can we come back if we start to slip up?  Sure, that is very natural.

Most of us have shaped our existing perspective and habits over time in reaction to the environment that we live in.  The ability to use the same skill sets to develop new habits is available in everyone.  A trusted, viable coaching relationship can evolve into any level of advancement required.

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